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Watching Bird

April 14

As you know, I’ve been watching and doodling the birds in the backyard lately.

A young robin decided to spend some time watching me back. He sat on the neighbor’s fence for nearly half an hour watching me and the dogs mess around on the back porch. He soon started making fun of me to the other birds. I have evidence:


I don’t walk like this!


Bird Doodles

April 5

Sitting outside has been great and I have renewed my enjoyment of watching and listening to the birds from my comfy porch. I didn’t really notice I was enjoying it until I realized that I’ve been drawing a lot of birds lately.

I have a Moleskine planner/diary (Moleskine 2015 Peanuts Limited Edition Weekly Notebook, 12 Month, Pocket, White, Hard Cover (3.5 x 5.5) (Moleskine Peanuts)) and I doodled these birds on the ruled page side:

In the planner


Titmouse in the planner


In my big illuminated journal that I keep in my art bag, I drew this pair of birdies:

The Red Pair


All of these drawings are ballpoint pen (G-2) and colored pencils.

It’s funny how doodling can reveal what is on your mind. I hope you are doodling something great, too. Read the rest of this entry »

Sitting Spots

April 3

My latest sketchbook has two drawings in it: a cedar swing like one I used to have, and a drawing of my metal glider.

The Cedar Swing

The Cedar Swing

The Metal Glider

The Metal Glider

The weather has been spring like for a month. It’s actually been pleasant outside! It must be time to get back to some outside doodling.

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The Broccoli and Cheese Thing

March 25

Once upon a time, a recipe for “Broccoli and Cheese Meatloaf” came up in Lovely Samantha’s facebook stream.

“Oh! This looks delicious,” said the Lovely Samantha. “I think I will make this for dinner tomorrow.” She did and it was delicious. It was also a hit with Prince Charming and the Minions.

A few months later, The Lovely Samantha decided to make it again.  Samantha had all the ingredients on hand, so nothing had to be bought. She moved the broccoli and beef to the fridge to thaw.

The following evening, after a long half-day of work and an afternoon of singing to woodland animals, The Lovely Samantha was very tired. She was glad that dinner had already been planned and looked forward to the savory meatloaf she remembered.

Lovely Samantha took our her favorite cast iron skillet and started browning the beef. She added the browned beef to the other ingredients in a large kitchen bowl.

It was about half way through this step when Lovely Samantha realized YOU DON’T BROWN BEEF FOR MEATLOAF!!!  Great Galloping GRAVY!!

The Lovely Samantha inadvertently spoke a spell with a lot of four-letter words and transformed herself into EVIL KITCHEN WITCH.

Evil Kitchen Witch decided to pretend she MEANT to brown the beef. She added different ingredients and cursed her family with BROCCOLI AND CHEESE CASSEROLE.

Much to Evil Kitchen Witch’s dismay, the family loved the casserole. Minion #1 declared it better than the meatloaf.

Evil Kitchen Witch was so happy, she turned back into The Lovely Samantha and lived happily ever after until the next time she cooked.

Here are both recipes so you too can have a magical meatloafy or magical casseroley dinner:

Read the rest of this entry »

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That Time I Created a Super Villain

March 21


In the fall of 2009, I was challenged to create a super villain. I do not recall who challenged me or why, but while looking for something else on my computer, I found THE PERSUADER!

The image at the link is a “rollover” gif. That means if you put your cursor on the image at the link, it changes to another image. In this case, you get her origin story and a pic of her mild-mannered alter ego.

I had fun making The Persuader. If I ever do a super hero comic, she will have to make an appearance.



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Updatery 2015

February 6

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written in this space about what’s going on here in Doodleland at the Wikanderosa and thought it was time for some updating. The short of it is that we are going to stay in Texas and we’re all fine.

For all the details, read on: Read the rest of this entry »

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Inktober 2014–The End

October 31

At last, Inktober is done for this year. Here are the final pen and ink drawings. (Previous drawings an be found here and here.)


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Inktober 2014–The Second Ten Days

October 20

Here are the Inktober 2014 drawings for October 11-20th. (For the first ten days, go here.)

Now we’re in the home stretch! Only 11 more drawing days to go.

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Inktober 2014–The First Ten Days

October 12

I am participating in Inktober again this year. Due to this year being a bit more…stressful… I am having difficulty doing a pen and ink drawing every day. However, I am compromising by doing one FOR every day. Here are the drawings for the first ten days:

Secret Identity

June 29

I have been working at a chain arts and crafts store for a while now. I really love it (and the employee discount on art supplies! w00t!). My coworkers are amazing and wonderful. The managers are also great about giving you encouragement when you help out.

For being willing to work two shifts yesterday, the night manager gave me this card:

SuperSam cardHow did they manage to guess my super secret alter egos?!  ACK!

Okay, I may have mentioned the “witch” connection. But even if I haven’t, they know my full name and my online nickname and the comic are all readily found online. But my childhood alter-ego, “Super Sam”? I nearly died laughing!

As a kid, I used to put a cape (towel) around my shoulders, strike a heroic pose and thrust out my lower jaw while shouting a trumpet blast (“Dut dutta DUUUUUH!”) followed by, “SUUUUUUUUUPER SAMMMMMM!” in my best 8 year old announcer voice.  Super Sam used to fly, make heroic leaps in a single bound and save stuffed animals from evil doers.

When I was not Super Sam, I was a spokesperson for the current household brand of toothpaste or shampoo. You could catch my commercials in the bathroom mirror.




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