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Updatery 2015

February 6

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written in this space about what’s going on here in Doodleland at the Wikanderosa and thought it was time for some updating. The short of it is that we are going to stay in Texas and we’re all fine.

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Inktober 2014–The End

October 31

At last, Inktober is done for this year. Here are the final pen and ink drawings. (Previous drawings an be found here and here.)


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Inktober 2014–The Second Ten Days

October 20

Here are the Inktober 2014 drawings for October 11-20th. (For the first ten days, go here.)

Now we’re in the home stretch! Only 11 more drawing days to go.

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Inktober 2014–The First Ten Days

October 12

I am participating in Inktober again this year. Due to this year being a bit more…stressful… I am having difficulty doing a pen and ink drawing every day. However, I am compromising by doing one FOR every day. Here are the drawings for the first ten days:

Secret Identity

June 29

I have been working at a chain arts and crafts store for a while now. I really love it (and the employee discount on art supplies! w00t!). My coworkers are amazing and wonderful. The managers are also great about giving you encouragement when you help out.

For being willing to work two shifts yesterday, the night manager gave me this card:

SuperSam cardHow did they manage to guess my super secret alter egos?!  ACK!

Okay, I may have mentioned the “witch” connection. But even if I haven’t, they know my full name and my online nickname and the comic are all readily found online. But my childhood alter-ego, “Super Sam”? I nearly died laughing!

As a kid, I used to put a cape (towel) around my shoulders, strike a heroic pose and thrust out my lower jaw while shouting a trumpet blast (“Dut dutta DUUUUUH!”) followed by, “SUUUUUUUUUPER SAMMMMMM!” in my best 8 year old announcer voice.  Super Sam used to fly, make heroic leaps in a single bound and save stuffed animals from evil doers.

When I was not Super Sam, I was a spokesperson for the current household brand of toothpaste or shampoo. You could catch my commercials in the bathroom mirror.




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Holiday Drawings

January 9

Why yes I did draw in my journal over the holidays:

Photo of Rudolph’s House:

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Easy Breakfast Casserole

January 9
Mike's Plate

Mike’s Plate

Over the holidays, I mentioned to  my mother-in-law that I’d been making little breakfast casseroles for two. She couldn’t imagine it, as breakfast casseroles were usually a big-dish deal that took planning the night before to make. NOPE! Here is what I have been doing most mornings for us parents (kids prefer cereal).

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Butler Silo

December 2

Rupert and I drove out to Berry Springs Park and Preserve today. Aside from Rupert (my dog), I brought my latest sketchbook. Didn’t bring my camera, though. Photos are from my cell phone.

Berry Springs is probably my favorite city park. Mainly because it is out in the country.  I was glad to see they had decorated the gate for the holidays:



It’s December but eighty degrees today. (That’s Fahrenheit. We are a bit old fashioned about temps.. in Celsius that’s twenty-six and a half degrees.) Pretty warm! After walking around the park, I was too hot to draw.. so I got into my truck with the air conditioning going.

I was facing the historic buildings (where they keep the donkeys, for you locals!) so I drew what was directly in front of the windshield:

Fine point sharpie and water color pencils.

Fine point sharpie and water color pencils.

What do you think? As always, I started with a gesture drawing and a bit of a placement map. If you look, you can see several stray lines that were loose guides when I first started the drawing. In particular, check out the top of the silo.

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The Summer Succotash Experiment

November 30

Just about every year for Thanksgiving, I try an experimental side dish. It usually falls flat with the kids. This year was one of the few resounding successes we have ever had. It was Summer Succotash from Southern Living 1986 Annual Recipes.

Another successful experiment this year was to assign a dish to each family member. Will definitely do that for Christmas, too and make it a tradition. This year, Mike had the stuffing and potato balls, Darling Petunia Hannah had the green bean casserole and a pie, I had the turkey and bread, and Alex the Great had the experimental succotash.

Here is the recipe:

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Journal Idea: The Dear Person Project

November 26

Through twitter retwitterings, I discovered this wonderful idea from a Blogger named “Inna” who posts her creative projects to her “Paper Raindrops” blog. The one that I first saw was her “Dear Person” project.

The idea of her Dear Person project is to make a drawing of something that catches her eye as she is going about her day and write a comment about it.  The comments are always addressed to a person who  made or did the eye-catching thing. The drawings are all simple. The comments are all adorable and quirky, just as you would think to yourself about the things around you.

All  the kinds of things that we talk about preserving in our illuminated journals, by the way!

Here is a small sample, but you can see all her “Dear Person” posts AT THIS LINK.

Note how the drawings are not about the finesse of fine art. They are JUST about a visual reminder of what she sees and wonders about. PERFECT for our journals. I am going to try it in mine for sure.

What  fun way to find something to draw and write every day. It looks like she has a little purse-sized/pocket-sized sketchbook just for this project, too. This might be a good way to begin your sketch journaling hobby if you are having trouble getting started.

Also check out Inna’s other projects on Paper Raindrops. She has several that are just wonderful to read about. For example, she has bound her art journal herself and made a tutorial, melted crayons for prettiness, and reupholstered a chair. Creative people are just creative!

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